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A Royal Visit to Bellingdon

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne will be visiting Bellingdon on the 14th of July to see the new Affordable housing in the village. Chairman of Chartridge Parish Council Peter Brown will be welcoming The Princess Royal and will show her around some of the properties before planting a tree to commemorate the event.


Village Fete 2015

The village fete 2015 was a great success and was very well attended. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported this event. A special thannk you to Schnoodles Doggy Daycare who ran the dog show for us this year. Of course the day could not happen without the dedicated group of volunteers who work throughout the year to make this event happen. Huge congratulations and thanks go to them. Full details about the day and the amounts raised will be posted sortly


Bellingdon Belles

The Bellingdon Belles are a group of ladies who run social events for the villagers. The have run a selection of events from Barn Dances, Beatle Drives, Whist Drives, Social Evenings and Bingo to name but a few. If you would like to become a Bellingdon Belle or are interested in learning more about them please contact belles@bellingdon.com

Chiltern Society Walks

The Chiltern Society publish a range of walks in the area. There is a beautiful walk from The Black Horse Inn in Chesham Vale which is entitled Captain's Wood, Chesham. Why not have a look and maybe try one when the weather improves! They are available as PDF's on their website http://www.chilternsociety.org.uk/free_walk_pdfs.php


Friends of the Bellingdon and Asheridge Village HallVillage Hall

Your Village Needs You!
Become a ”Friend” and help once or twice a year  to maintain the hall.
The Hall is managed by the committee of Trustees  to ensure the upkeep of this Community facility.
New Friends are always welcome.If you are interested to join our band of helpers please email:friends@bellingdon.com or phone 01494 757150


Bellingdon BikersBikers

Now that the weather is improving why not get out your bike and pump up the tyres and join a group of like minded people and go on some beautiful bike rides around the area. So much more of our beautiful countryside can be seen from your bike and it is good for you too. All rides end at a suitable hostelry! Click here for more information. or email here.